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VIDEO: USC Coach Sarkisian Apologizes...Again

USC Head Coach Steve Sarkisian apologized for the second time today. His first was via a statement issued on Sunday. Today's apology was in front of the media.

Thanks to Michael Lev of the OC Register for sharing the video. Lev has a full transcript of Cutty Sark's press conference posted on the Register website.

Here's the most important comment of the entire press conference from Sarkisian

I took medication and mixed it with alcohol. Not a lot, unfortunately.

Unfortunately? I think he meant fortunately because if that's what happens when he mixes "not a lot", can you possibly imagine what would have happened if it had been a lot?

And, his second most important quote was in response to whether or not he has a drinking problem:

No, I don’t believe so. But, through Pat and through the university, I’m going to find that out. I’m going to go to treatment. I’m going to deal with it. In the meantime, I’m going to be the head football coach here. And I believe I can be. I don’t know what else more there is to say about that.

Ummm....If you're going to treatment, you have a problem. It appears that, even after Saturday night, he is still in denial. This is quickly moving from "ridiculous" to "just plain sad."

What are your thoughts about Sark's latest apology? Share them in the comments below.

And, don't forget to answer our poll question: Is the latest apology from Cutty Sark enough?


Is the latest apology from Cutty Sark enough?

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  • 6%
    Yes, he did something no Trogan ever does: he was humble.
    (29 votes)
  • 25%
    Yes, we love Sark! Give the man an extension!
    (116 votes)
  • 8%
    No, there's blood in the water and it's Sark Week, baby!
    (36 votes)
  • 8%
    No, it doesn't matter how many times he apologizes. He's done.
    (38 votes)
  • 26%
    No, he'll be fired after we beat them for the fourth straight time!
    (118 votes)
  • 25%
    Does it matter? DRINK ON!!
    (113 votes)
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