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Spaulding Report: A Predictable Q&A with Mora, Some Defensive Talk with Kendricks

When there's not much else to say, you talk about the weather. Well, it is Week 10, so there isn't much left about UCLA Football that hasn't been dissected. Mora 's post practice presser was pretty predictable on both sides. Eric Kendricks had some interesting thoughts about his and the team's defense of late.

UCLA LB Eric Kendricks will be tasked with tackling UW LB Shaq Thompson this Saturday
UCLA LB Eric Kendricks will be tasked with tackling UW LB Shaq Thompson this Saturday
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It was nap time when Coach Mora met with the media after practice today. Senior Linebacker Eric Kendricks also spoke after practice and had some more notable questions and answers.

Neither Mora nor the media seemed terribly interested in really digging into the Washington game today. Mora predictably said the Bruins had a good practice this morning and he likes their focus so far this week as they prepare to face another challenge from a formidable Pac-12 team.

Then followed possibly the least riveting interview of the season.

Mora was predictably asked if he's excited to be back in Husky stadium. He said it really doesn't matter.

He was predictably asked about playing on the road. He said his team seems more cohesive when they travel.

Mora was asked about Malcolm Bunche, Alex Redmond, and Kenny Lacy competing for the guard position. He replied that he is happy to see competition there.

Mora was predictably asked Shaq Thompson, the UW LB turned RB. Mora was very complimentary of his talents.

He was predictably asked to compare Myles Jack, our LB who plays RB with UW's Thompson. He said they're different body types but both are explosive athletes.

Talk of Myles predictably turned to questions about Myles role on offense. Mora said nothing had changed.

Talk of Myles predictably turned to talk about Nate Starks. Mora said he's doing the same thing he always has.

Mora was predictably asked (again) if it will be emotional playing his alma mater. He still doesn't care.

He was predictably asked about the weather in Seattle. Mora called for a high of 57, no rain, and winds at 4mph. It was the highlight of the interview, and the Weather Channel pretty much agrees.

He was predictably asked how Thompson moving to offense changes the Husky defense. Mora said nothing has changed for their defense.

Oh boy...

Well, we are in week 10 now. Thankfully, no one asked what the Bruins plan to do about penalties.

There was a worthwhile moment when the O Line comments were followed by a good question about Simon Goines. We have heard that he is back and presumably ready to see action, but given how much of the season has gone by, perhaps the Bruins would prefer to hold him out for the remaining games and use this as a redshirt year and give him 2 more years of eligibility. Mora essentially confirmed that, saying they would like use this year as a redshirt season as that would be better for the program in the long run, but added that Goines is ready to work if they need him to.

For you true diehard Bruin fans that will watch anything related to our football team (I've watched it 3 times), here is the entire interview. Thank you to Ed Lewis and Bruin Sports Report for the video.

from BSR TV via YouTube.

After the media started Eric Kendricks with the predictable questions about facing a fellow LB playing RB in Shaq Thompson, there were some good thoughts about how EK's individual stats were not very impressive within the Bruins best defensive effort of the season last Saturday against Arizona. He said he "had a blast" on Saturday and that it was fun just playing his role and not having to cover mistakes elsewhere on the defense, though he feels that's still part of his role on the defense.

He was also asked if he's seen more double teams or schemes to limit his outstanding play this year. Kendricks says he has noticed some of that but that he still needs to handle his own assignments and notes that double teams on him are freeing up his teammates elsewhere.

Despite his outstanding play this year, Kendricks admitted that he's not really thinkng about watch lists or draft predictions and he has no idea what his statistics are for the year. That's ok. I'll help. Prior to the Arizona game, Kendricks was leading the conference in tackles with 93, and he is one of 15 semifinalists for the Butkus Award for the nation's top linebacker. Interestingly, Kendricks will face two other semifinalists this weekend in Hau'oli Kikaha and Shaq Thompson. Never mind that Kikaha leads the conference with 16 sacks and the Bruins have been more than vulnerable in that arena. That's the same Shaq Thompson who will be UW's starting RB this weekend. Which brings up a fascinating question...

Thanks again to Ed Lewis and Bruin Sports Report for the video.

from BSR TV via YouTube

Like the hair, a much more impressive effort from #6.

(and HT to freesia for finding the gif for the ages)