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Spaulding Roundup: UCLA Football's Jeff Ulbrich Speaks on Eddie Vanderdoes, Fabian Moreau and Prepping for Shaq Thompson

Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich also spoke to the media after practice today:

Thanks to Jack Wang with the Daily News for the video.

Coach Ulbrich had the following comments, none of which were completely earth shattering, and a lot of them parrot things Mora would say, especially when he uses the word "schematically."

  • Shaq Thompson is going to be a challenge to defend since he's a big power back, runs through tackles, and is always running forward. Or basically, like any competent power running back out there.  After throwing out the word schematically, Ulbrich says the defense just needs to stress fundamentals to take care of Thompson.
  • QB Cyler Miles looks good on film and has weapons he can throw the ball to this year.
  • Eddie Vanderdoes has finally found his niche and is starting to assemble for himself a nice season.  Sometimes it takes a while for these young guys, like Vanderdoes, Kenny Clark or Myles Jack to find their niche and show what they are capable of - they've shown glimpses. I guess more to come from the defense.
  • Takkarist McKinley will find a nice in this defense also - he is being used as a pass rusher and opposing QBs are keenly aware of #98. They'll keep teaching him the defense (remember, he didn't come in until near the beginning of the season) and he'll get into more games when they can. He has certain packages, and when you play teams that are up-tempo, sometimes the Bruins cannot substitute.
  • Speaking of tempo, Ulbrich feels the Bruins are in better shape to handle the tempo, and our defense can go 7-8 plays a drive without subbing. Arizona was snapping the ball ridiculously fast last week and the defense handled it.
  • Fabian Moreau is finally coming into his own, and it's a "thing" with corners, sometimes it takes them a while.
In other UCLA news:
Go Bruins.