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UCLA Football Defeats Washington: Jim Mora, Brett Hundley and Myles Jack Post Game Press Conference

Courtesy of the Seattle Times, here are the post game conferences of Jim Mora, Brett Hundley and Myles Jack

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

After UCLA managed to hold on and defeat Washington, Jim Mora, Brett Hundley and Myles Jack spoke to the media.

All videos are courtesy of the Seattle Times, whom we must commend for getting coverage up so quickly even in defeat.

Jim Mora:

The most notable comment?

I think that’s as complete a game as we’ve played from start to finish this year. That’s what you want to be doing in November.

Also it it wasn't a big deal for him to beat his alma mater, and couldn't believe the Bruins committed zero penalties in the first half.

Also, someone get that reporter a cough drop.

Brett Hundley:

Myles Jack:

Also, as we continue our coverage with news from the other side, the post game notes from the Husky blog are worth a mention, just for the naming convention for their link.

Go Bruins.