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Mora Publicly Blasts U.C.L.A. Athletics Officials

Jim Mora removes press from today's practice; cites "the incompetence of some people".

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Welcome to our world, Coach Mora. We've been living under this cloud for a decade.

Jim Mora got another glimpse of the disaster that is the U.C.L.A. Athletics Administration this morning when he dismissed all press from the Bruins' 7am practice. HT to polisci03 and INawe for their fanshots on the subject just a while ago. Apparently, two camera crews set up in a restricted area next to Spaulding, and Mora subsequently told the camera crews to leave, told the reporters attending practice in the media shed to leave, and also kicked out the SID. It is not clear now which member of the Sports Information Department this was, as the U.C.L.A. Athletics Directory currently lists an interim SID, Steve Rourke, two associate SID's, 3 assistant SID's and 4 others (including Ralph Irvin).

video credit BSR TV (Bruins Sports Report) via YouTube

In Mora's post-practice presser, he addresses the issue immediately with Chris Foster of the LAT, who was notably the only reporter who dared to discuss the issue with the coach. Mora's response:

We had some issues with our SID department.

Foster touched on the subject again at the end of the interview asking if closing practice today might fan the flames recently between football programs and the media, and was told

Our practices are open. Our practice tomorrow will be open. Today's practice was closed because we didn't have proper security. So I'm not going to jeopardize what we're doing as a football team because of the incompetence of some people.

I must credit Foster with doing a decent job of covering U.C.L.A. football for the LAT lately, as he has a history of joke reporting and mockery of the Bruins. However, I don't think it is fair for him to try to make a link between the recent spiteful and petulant behavior of Lane Kiffin recently, and Mora's effort today to both protect his team and publicly call out our amateur athletic department administration. As an explanation for the SID staff, they have been following the lead of an amateur AD for so long that it is not surprising that they would allow things to compromise our football program. Hopefully Mora's very public scolding will have the desired effect of getting people in Morgan to start acting like pros, and to quit running our athletics department like a high school. After all, they are paid by the citizens of California to do a job, and it's time that administration started earning its keep. Dan Guerrero has fleeced U.C.L.A. and the state for long enough.

We will stay on this issue as more information comes out today.

Of course, at BN, we've been on this issue for years already.

Aside from the comments on the media and practice, Mora praised athe players for an "excellent practice" and talked mostly about the new morning practice schedule, and classes starting for the players (and Bruin undergrads) tomorrow. It sounds like his focus is in the right place

We gotta preach to these kids that balance everything out, budget their time right. They got to manage classes, they got to manage studying, they got to manage football...Do the things they got to do in life. This is their training ground.