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Bruin Bites: Women's Soccer Advances, Everyone Else? Not So Much.

It's Thursday morning and with football on hiatus until we discover which third-or-fourth tier bowl game we will land in following Jim Mora's second season in Westwood, the rest of UCLA's squads have been busy, with the #1-ranked women's soccer team advancing to the NCAA tourney semi-final tomorrow.

Bring on Virginia!
Bring on Virginia!
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It's a weird week: for the first time in two years, our Bruins won't be representing the Pac-12 South in the Pac-12 title game this weekend. With no football on tap until we find out where we'll be playing our bowl game, we instead turn our attention to how the other various non-revenue sports are faring for the Blue and Gold. Sadly, it's been a bad week-and-a-half since we last rounded up the non-revenue sports, with pretty much every squad falling short, except for one: our headstrong, never-willing-to-quit #1-ranked women's soccer team, who despite being shafted by the NCAA tourney selection committee, has busted into the Final Four. With that, here's the details on the various bits and pieces of news from the non-revenue sports related UCLA-iverse:

Alright folks, those are your non-revenue sports related bits and pieces from around the UCLA-iverse for this Thursday morning. Stay tuned as we get ready to watch our Lady Bruins take on Virginia on the pitch in the NCAA tournament semi-final in their quest to bring home Westwood's 110th national championship banner. Fire away in the comment thread with your additions, opinions, and takeaways as we wait for the return of Jim "UCLA > Washington" Mora's football program.