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Quest for Title #109: Men's Tennis & Women's Water Polo NCAA Tournament Thread

This morning, two more UCLA teams will begin making their run toward (hopefully) Westwood's 109th NCAA national title. With the Bruins coming up short across the board in 2012, the men's tennis team and women's water polo team represent UCLA's best shot at capturing another national title.


It's getting warmer in California, Westwood is slowing down as another academic year is close to ending, which means it's once again time for our various non-revenue sports to begin their march toward NCAA championship glory. UCLA's best hopes for capturing its 109th NCAA national title are the #1-seeded men's tennis team and the #3-seeded women's water polo, both of whom have a legitimate shot to go all the way. For both squads, their NCAA tournament action gets underway today, beginning with the #3-seeded women's water polo taking on #6-seeded Princeton in Boston at 12:30 p.m. PST, followed by the #1-seeded men's tennis team taking on the University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC) at 1 p.m. PST at home in Westwood.

Beginning with the women's water polo team, the official site has a preview available here. The Lady Bruins have never lost to Princeton, so we shouldn't expect this afternoon's match to be any different, but come tournament-time, crazy things happen. If the Bruins get past the Tigers of New Jersey, they'll likely face old conference foe, #2-seeded Stanford in the NCAA semi-final. If you're able, the match will be broadcast online at the NCAA's official site here.

For the top-seeded men's tennis team, expectations are sky-high following a 24-1 overall record, and the Bruins are expected to make short work of their fellow four-lettered opponents from Missouri. The official site has a preview, sort of, available here. However, unlike the women's water polo match, the Bruins' expected demolition of UMKC is not being televised, so if you're in Westwood, head down to the Los Angeles Tennis Center on campus and catch the Bruins in action. And, as always, if you're able to see it live, feel free to fire away in the comment thread to keep us all updated.

Alright folks, we have two teams in NCAA action beginning today. Rock that Blue and Gold and fire away in the comment thread with your thoughts, takes, opinions, analysis, etc.