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UCLA Water Polo: National Champs Bring #112 Home To Westwood!

UCLA's Men's Water Polo swept through the NCAA tournament, capping off a great season with a 9-8 win in the national championship in La Jolla over Southern Cal. Great performance. Congrats Men's Water Polo- National Champions !!

Here's to the National Champions
Here's to the National Champions
Ryan Rosenblatt

UCLA's Men's Water Polo team faced Southern Cal five times this season. And the Bruins won four times, saving the best for last, with a win in today's title match for the NCAA championship. The final score was 9-8.

Southern Cal has owned this sport (not literally, perhaps) in recent years. But this was the Bruins' year. The senior class experienced two near-misses in the championship game in 2011 and 2012, the low of not making the tournament in 2013, and the high of winning it all this season.

We will have more details about the game in tomorrow's Bruin Bites. But in the meantime, here's to the National Champions. #112. Yes !!