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World Cup 2014: Brazil-Chile; Uruguay-Colombia Open Thread

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Tracking live action in the Round of 16 of 2014 Word Cup.

Quinn Rooney

And you thought we forgot about the World Cup today. Didn't ya? Not a chance. The Sweet-16 (Round of 16) action in Brazil is underway today with two marquee games featuring four explosive teams from South America.

In the first game, the Alabama of soccer - host country Brazil is hosting Chile, which has had a great cup so far. Brazil was off to a solid start as they were up 1-0.  But Chile is showing a lot of heart as they just tied the game up stunning the home crowd. The game is being broadcast on ABC (started at 9 am PST) and is about 30 something mins into first half.

In the second half Uruguay (without the biter) is taking on Colombia. That game is schedule for 1 pm PST (also on ABC). If you are not around a TV you can watch it via Univision here.

This is your World Cup open thread for the Sweet-16.  Fire away with your thoughts, analysis, and opinions as you tune in and we eagerly count down to US-Belgium on Tuesday