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NC 116! UCLA Beach Volleyball Captures NCAA Title!

The UCLA Beach Volleyball team has won their first NCAA title and UCLA’s 116th national championship.

Beach Volleyball wins UCLA’s 116th NCAA title!

Rather than playing all five matches simultaneously in the Championship Dual, they started with Pairs 4 and 5 and followed with Pairs 1, 2 and 3.

Florida State won both of the first sets between Pairs 4 and 5, but the Bruins came back to win both second sets to force a deciding third set in each match.

Izzy Carey and Megan Muret took their third set to win their match, 3-2, and earn a point for the Bruins.

Unfortunately, Elise Zappia and Mac May weren’t able to win their third set and Florida State tied the dual up, 1-1.

in the second flight, pairs one, two and three all won the first set for UCLA, giving the Bruins a big advantage over Florida State as UCLA only needed to win two sets while the Seminoles needed to win at least four.

Savvy Simo and Zana Muno scored the second point of the dual for the Bruins as they dominated on court three, 21-10.

That meant the Bruins only needed to win one more set and the remaining UCLA pairs seemed like they were in a race to see who could finish it off for the title.

Lily Justine and Sarah Sponcil were up 17-15 while the McNamara twins led 12-10 on court one. Justine and Sponcil had the first championship point at 20-16. But, Florida State held them off and soon it was 20-19. Meanwhile, the McNamara twins had gotten to a championship point of their own at 20-13, but Florida State scored to make it 20-14.

Almost immediately after that point, Justine and Sponcil scored on Championship Point #4 to win UCLA’s first Beach Volleyball national championship and the school’s 116th NCAA title.

UCLA and Stanford are now tied again for most NCAA championships at 116 each.

Congratulations, ladies! Go Bruins!!!!