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Double the Pleasure as Bruins Win Both NCAA Men’s and Women’s Doubles Titles

UCLA’s Maxime Cressy and Keegan Smith won the NCAA men’s doubles title while UCLA’s Ayan Broomfield and Gabby Andrews won the women’s doubles title.

UCLA’s Maxime Cressy, Keegan Smith, Ayan Broomfield and Gabby Andrews won the NCAA men’s and women’s doubles championships yesterday.
Manuela Davies/USTA

Yesterday, the UCLA men’s and women’s tennis teams each had a doubles pair playing for the NCAA Doubles Championship. Both pairs won their respective doubles title.

Maxime Cressy and Keegan Smith finished up their match first. Compared to Broomfield and Andrews, Cressy and Smith had a relatively easy win. They won in straight sets 6-3, 6-4.

Meanwhile, Broomfield and Andrews lost their first set, 5-7, and came back to win the second set, 7-6. With the match tied at one set all, the tie-breaking rules kicked in. Rather than playing a deciding set, they played a one-game, 10-point tiebreaker, but even this tiebreaker game needed to go longer before the Bruins could claim victory. Broomfield and Andrews won the tiebreaker game, 11-9, to win their match.

Afterwards, both pairs met with the media. Here’s the Cressy-Smith postmatch presser, courtesy of UCLA Athletics.

Here’s Andrews and Broomfield’s postmatch press conference as well, also courtesy of UCLA Athletics.

Congratulations to all four of these Bruins!

Go Bruins!!!