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Back to Back! UCLA Beach Volleyball Vanquishes Southern Cal to Win NC #117

The Bruins vanquish Southern Cal, 3-0, to win national championship!

Back-to-Back Champs!

The UCLA beach volleyball team has repeated as national champions. The Bruins did it today in convincing fashion over crosstown rival Southern Cal.

It was your classic Western showdown. The good gals were wearing white and the bad ones were wearing black.

In the first flight, UCLA’s four and five pairs swept the Trojans. The five pair of Izzy Carey and Lindsey Sparks were the first pair to win a set today when they won, 21-16. Madi Yeomans and Savvy Simo then won their first set, also by a score of 21-16. Carey and Sparks then claimed the first point of the dual for the Bruins when they won their second set, 21-15. Meanwhile, Yeomans and Simo were in the process of scoring UCLA’s second point, 21-19.

That sent the dual into the second flight consisting of the one, two and three pairs. The McNamara twins on court one were the first pair of this flight to win a set when they topped the Trojans, 21-18. Shortly after that, Zana Muno and Abby Van Winkle won their first set, 22-20. Then, on court two, Lily Justine and Sarah Sponcil came back from being down 16-17 to win their first set, 21-18. The Bruins were now just one set win away from another national championship.

With the McNamaras trailing 18-19 on court one and Justine and Sponcil up 18-10 on court two, Muno and Van Winkle moved to a championship point on court three. With Muno serving, Van Winkle was up on the net. She managed to win a joust at the net and, with that, the Bruins had won their second straight national championship!

The rest of the UCLA team rushed the court burying Van Winkle in the process.

The good gals had won and all was right in the world.

The Bruins are bringing home national championship #117!

Go Bruins!!!