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This Week’s Headlines in the UCLA Twitterverse

Tweets about Bruins and by Bruins.

Royce Hall at night

School is winding down and summer is upon us. Let’s take a look at what Bruins are tweeting this time of year.

We always knew the UCLA softball coaching staff was amazing, and to confirm that, they have been named the NFCA West Regional Coaching Staff of the Year:

To keep with the theme of the accolades that just keep rolling for this team, Rachel Garcia has received yet another honor as she was awarded the Collegiate Women Sports Award for Softball for the second year in a row:

Additionally, Katelyn Ohashi continues to make headlines. This week, she was named one of Glamour Magazine’s College Women of the Year:

Congratulations, Bruins!

In case you missed one of the celebrations for out softball championship, here is a short video of Wednesday’s ceremony honoring #118:

The U.S. Open began yesterday at Pebble Beach and two Bruins are participating.

It seems the Arizona Cardinals like having a Bruin QB on the roster. Bruin alum Brett Hundley prepares for a new season with some personnel changes.

Former Bruin Takkarist McKinley is also getting into the swing of camp, but with some swagger...

While Kevin Love was only with the UCLA basketball team for one season, he made a huge impression and continues to impress the world as a gifted athlete. Even his dog thinks so:

Remember that epic dance party at the end of Miss Val’s last home meet? Ever wonder how that all came together? Well, here’s how:

Go Bruins!