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UCLA Recruiting Getting HOTTER: 4 Star Safety Tyler Foreman Commits to Bruins

UCLA recruiting is getting hot down the stretch as Bruins pick up a second elite defensive back - 4 star safety Tyler Foreman - within a span of 24 hours.

Yup, keep smiling.
Yup, keep smiling.
Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

Thank God there is UCLA football recruiting to think about to keep our minds of Chianti Dan's dumpster fire. Bruins huge recruiting weekend continued with another massive pickup (HT Bruins#1). This time Tyler Forman, an elite 4 star safety, who had previously committed to Wisconsin (and then decommitted following Bret Bielema's departure for Arkansas) - became the latest prized defensive back to verbally commit to Bruins growing recruiting class. From the LA Times:

Encino Crespi defensive back Tyler Foreman has committed to UCLA, Crespi Coach Jon Mack said Sunday. Foreman took a visit to Westwood this weekend.

He's known for his aggressive, physical play at the safety position. He was previously committed to Wisconsin.

Sounds good to us. The story is also confirmed on Bruin Report Online and Bruin Sports Report. From his bio on

Foreman is a huge kid who looks like a linebacker but can definitely play safety. He moves with ease, is a physical player and is even better in pads. Has great closing speed and tremendous ball skills. Does a good job recovering and is a big hitter.

Sounds like someone who can really fit in the mold of a Dalton Hilliard, who often plays the role of both a LB and an extra DB within our 4-3 scheme. To the highlights we go:

And here is another reel from his junior season:

Foreman becomes the 3rd DB in this year's class. But we are nowhere close to being done. The commitments from Foreman and Johnson, will not have any impact on the upcoming decisions of Priest Willis and Tahaan Goodman.

And for those who are tracking, Bruins have now jumped ahead of Lane Kiffin's Trojans in's recruiting rankings and now in the top-10 of Rival rankings. But again - we are just getting started.

Welcome to Westwood Tyler.