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UCLA Football Recruiting: 4* Cali DB Jaleel Wadood Commits to UCLA

Just when you thought last week's madness was over...BOOM

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This just in over Twitter:

And worth nothing from

The DB from St. John Bosco becomes the 14th commit in the 2014 class for the Bruins. There may be some movement on that front however given that safety (and wide receiver where he played in some of the highlights) are pretty heavily represented among the 14 commitments, so while we will be on the lookout for possible wavering on prior commits, it's never too early to welcome Jaleel to Westwood.

According to Wadood's scout page, he has entertained offers from basically the entire Pac-12 including woeful Cal which he was previously committed to probably before seeing how big of a dumpster fire it would turn out to be over there.

Anyway, enough out of me. Time for some highlights!

Looks like with all the news from last week, the Bruins are poised to once again close out strong down the stretch. This could be just the beginning of another exciting countdown to "coffee" day, and welcome once again to Jaleel.