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UCLA Football Recruiting Roundtable - Part II

In Part II of the discussion, we talk about which players will make immediate impacts on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, and weigh in about the recruits most likely to play immediately.


4. Which recruit do you think will make the most immediate impact of the offensive side of the ball?

AHMB: I think all of the offensive linemen are going to have an immediate impact simply by ratcheting up the level of competition. Of them, Caleb Benenoch probably has the best shot to play early at RG.

gbruin: Eldridge Massington. We use so many receivers in our offense, and he has the size and skill to be an explosive contributor right away.

bruinclassof10: Thomas Duarte. If he and BH develop chemistry early on, it's going to be a long season for Pac-12 defensive backs.

Odysseus: I will not be surprised if Benenoch nails down the RG spot. And agree with Massington having a chance to get notices as well.

Nestor: I said Thomas Duarte above as well because we are going to need someone to step up at the Y spot after departure of Big Joe Fauria. Duarte seems to have all the physical tools necessary to contribute right away, but we will see how it goes. Crossing my fingers that Craig Lee can get his academics squared away in the remaining months. If he can get in time, he may get a chance to contribute at the TB spot as well.

5. Which recruit do you think will make the most immediate impact on the defensive side of the ball?

AHMB: Myles Jack. Jack has the size and athleticism to play immediately. He would form a pretty dynamic bookend with Anthony Barr. The secondary recruits will have an opportunity to play early as well, but as far as impact goes, there is nothing more game changing than a pass rusher.

gbruin: Agreed on Myles Jack. His size and speed may be enough to fill an OLB spot right away, which would allow Jordan Zumwalt to move inside permanently, which gives us a scary good linebacking corps.

bruinclassof10: Agree with AHMB and gbruin here. PAC-12 opponents, get ready to get JACK'ed up!

Odysseus: Jack, some of the defensive backs will contribute early and I wouldn't be surprised if Fitts contributes as well.

Nestor: Myles Jack for the reasons mentioned above. But Priest Willis is another prime candidate. I can see him breaking in at one of the CB spot right away. Randall Goforth is a prime example of how our coaches will not be afraid to play a frosh at the safety spot. So I am assuming Tahaan Goodman and Tyler Foreman are also coming in with the mindset that they will get a chance to compete a spot in the regular defensive rotation right away.

6. Who are your candidates to play as true freshmen?

AHMB: It's probably easier to name the players who won't likely see the field as true freshmen. The staff has made it clear that they will play the best players, regardless of age.

gbruin: Sean Covington. All the receivers. Benenoch and Morris on the line. Goodman and Willis in the backfield. Jack and Savaiinaea at LB.

bruinclassof10: Benenoch, Morris, Goodman, Willis, Jack, Covington and last but not least...TD (Thomas Duarte)

Odysseus: Christian Morris, Benenoch, I think another offensive lineman might contribute early as well, probably one between Lopez and Redmond. Massington and Duarte. Covington, Jack, Savaiinaea, Willis, Goodman. Fitts and Deon Hollins may have a chance as well. I think Johnson and Foreman have a chance too.

Nestor: Agree with gbruin.


That concludes Part II of the three part roundtable discussion. Again, we'd really like to hear the community answers, so fire away and stay tuned for Part III.