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Spaulding Roundup: Recruiting The Homestretch

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UCLA Football recruits and coaches spend the final weekend of 2014's recruiting period visiting Westwood.


We are down to the final few days of college football recruiting season, and if you have been following along to this point, you know these are going to be crazy ones. If you are just starting to pay attention, get ready for the ride. The Bruin coaches are in the middle of hosting their final group of official visitors to UCLA.

The reports that LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was on the same plane as the three Louisiana visitors, as well as staying at the same hotel as the Bruin visitors and then catching the same flight home on Sunday as the three has gotten around the college sports world. Folks have been discussing it on the college football portion of reddit; Chris Foster brought up in expected LA Times fashion, with the added twist of neglecting to mention LSU's in-home visit with Malachi earlier in the week - in reality it doesn't have an affect on the 'bump rule' meeting on the plane, but under Foster's incorrect personal interpretation of the rules, Cameron is guilty of a minor NCAA violation.

As of Saturday night, I have not heard anything new on the Cam in Westwood front. Nor any reports that on the final two days of in-person recruiting before Signing Day, the offensive coordinator of LSU is doing something crazy - like being out publicly recruiting players to become LSU Tigers [EDITOr maybe there are].

Figure there are really only two reasons that he might have stayed around LA after Friday's home visit with Adoree: Les Miles was having a really bad day last week, which was capped with a tirade aimed at Cam Cameron that ended with "you couldn't recruit worse if you just spent all day lounging poolside at a 4-star West Los Angeles hotel!", which Cam took as a challenge. Or; Coach Miles has been so impressed with Cam's work the past year that he called in a bunch of favors and got him a one-day VIP-pass to the Playboy Mansion, only good on 2/1 (today), to show his appreciation and hope that Cameron can blow off a little steam. As for the flight home on Sunday... After a day with the Hef and friends, a man's gotta have time to recover.

But yes, it is a recruiting weekend. I don't want to steal tweets from next week's recruiting twitter post, but there have been a couple cool ones, like Kenny Young's first (of many we hope) looks at the Rose Bowl.

And Malachi Dupre sending this one out from one of the Rose Bowl suites.

Twitter has also given us this little bit of info.

That is from Adoree Jackson's twitter. Further notes from him along with other UCLA players and recruits have confirmed that Adoree is in Westwood, at least for tonight along with said players and recruits. It could simply be because he thinks there is going to be a crazy party going down; or he wants to meet Malachi so that he can compare notes and/or police reports on Cam. Or it could be something else. Recruiting is a crazy business, after all.