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BOOM! 4* OL Alex Akingbulu commits to U.C.L.A.

Welcome to Westwood Alex Akingbulu--U.C.L.A. Football's newest offensive lineman commit for 2016!

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope everyone is somewhere cozy and spending it with their family and/or loved ones. Jerry and Jayon have a little message:

Be safe out there (please don't drink and drive)!


It's Beat $C week, and I can't think of a better time to commit to the U.C.L.A. Bruins than now. So, with that introduction,

let us all give a warm Bruin welcome to our newest football commit: OL Alex Akingbulu!

Alex is a 4* offensive lineman (according to Rvials, 3* on Scout) from Harbor City, California. He's listed at 6' 6" but very light in the 250-265 lbs range. However, in his announcement tweet he does not go the LeBrom "taking my talents..." route and instead goes the "furthering my education..." route. Nice. As an educator, makes me melt. Scout has a nice article about his announcement (who his finalists were, other big schools who offered, etc).

It gets better. Watch him commit with his teammates:

Fun! He's joining a fun family, watch them cut loose at the Beat $C Bonfire:

As is to further convince you he actually cares about education, listen to him speak in Scout's brief bio video:

In addition to describing his strengths on the field as "athleticism" and "quick feet," he plans to study computer engineering, in case the whole football thing doesn't work out. How about that for a back-up plan! #BOOM!

A few days ago OL Sean Auwae (3* Center) de-committed so one has to wonder if this was to make room for Alex. I would like to think that the coaching staff was giving Sean time to make other arrangements. However, recruiting is a strange business and, frankly, one I prefer to keep my semblance of ignorance. Anywhoooo, back to football.

Last but not least, check out some highlights:


Welcome to Westwood and the best university in the world, Alex!