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UCLA Coach Mora: "I'm Gonna Fight Tooth and Nail to Keep Ulbrich"

Video of Coach Mora's NSD Press Conference, courtesy of Edward Lewis of the Bruin Sports Report.

UCLA Coach Jim Mora started off his National Signing Day press conference discussing the story of the day: the rumored departure of UCLA Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich. As always, thanks to Edward Lewis of BSR for posting the video.

I thought we'd get something out of the way, right off the bat. I know it's probably a question on everybody's mind concerning Coach Ulbrich. I'm going to just tell you what has transpired. Dan Quinn, who is a very good friend of mine...I actually hired him into the National Football League when I was the Defensive Coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers...was introduced yesterday as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. Dan also has a relationship with Jeff Ulbrich, much like I do, in that we both coached Jeff and have become very close. Last night, Dan, out of courtesy, called me and asked if he could have permission to talk with Jeff. Well, he doesn't need permission. In the NFL, you have to have written permission. In our world, you don't, but it was a courtesy as a friend to a friend. Of course, I told him, "Absolutely not! Stay away!" But being the competitor that Dan is, he reached out to Brick, at some point, either last night or early this morning and made him an offer to be his linebacker coach. Jeff has assured me that he has not come to a conclusion yet. He is contemplating whether or not he wants to do that. I'm gonna fight tooth and nail to keep him here because I think he's an outstanding coach. I will say this about Jeff. He's been very forthright with the recruits who have signed today in communicating where he stands and communicating the things I just told you. He's also reached out to the parents. And, so I think Jeff has handled this really, really well. But, I'm gonna fight like crazy to keep that sucker. It's gonna be a heck of a battle because Dan Quinn is a fighter. Anyway, on to the good stuff....

So, that's what Coach Mora had to say about the situation with Coach Ulbrich.

He did not address the situation with Roquan Smith because he is not able to discuss a recruit who has not signed a National Letter of Intent.

The rest of his press conference discussed today's recruiting class. I encourage you to watch it because, unlike in years past, there is no public NSD event. As a result, we will not have any video recap of all the day's announcements.

Thanks again to Edward Lewis of the Bruin Sports Report for sharing the video!

Go Bruins! BOOM!