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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - National Signing Day for UCLA Football Edition

A recap of the tweets from NSD.

Harry How/Getty Images

Coffee is for closers.

Welcome to UCLA:

Ok, we've discovered it's from a song, but it's still applies if that's his thing too:

Cordell Broadus with a reason why he picked UCLA?

Now imagine both of these guys on the field:

He seemed ok with it on TV yesterday:

Broadus was the recruit with the most attention:


It's real:

One of the coolest things out there - Hawaii holds their NSD in one location for all sports that signed yesterday:

Exclusive look in at the Coaches yesterday:

Oh, don't worry Jon Gold, we won't do a thing with it:

The current players cannot wait for the new guys to arrive:

Hey, maybe the kids did know something about the class

Should this be trending?

But remember:

And now, with a top signing class, it is NOT unrealistic to expect RESULTS:

You can close the recruits, now build them up on the field.

Everyday is, but yesterday was nice too:

Go Bruins.