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BOOM! 4* ATH Dymond Lee Commits To UCLA As A QB While Pittman Decommits

The Bruins pick up a new commit while losing another.


Dymond Lee, who is listed by several recruiting sites as a 4* WR, has committed to UCLA as a quarterback, according to Scout's Brandon Huffman.

According to an article by Tracy Pierson on BruinReportOnline, Lee said:

I committed today, to coach (Jim) Mora and coach (Eric) Yarber. They told me they want me as a quarterback. They said they're looking for a dual-threat. They asked me to be that guy. Obviously I still have the skills that I've built up as a receiver, which I could use later on, but right now I'm 100% a quarterback.

This may make some think of Devin Fuller, another UCLA player who committed as a quarterback but is now primarly a wide receiver. It's worth noting, however, that Lee's situation is different from Fuller's.

When Fuller came to UCLA, he had never played WR and he switched positions due to the needs of the team and his desire for playing time.

Lee has played both positions at West Hills Chaminade. Pierson notes that Lee has primarly played quarterback at Chaminade but is being recruited by other schools primarily as a receiver.

Only time will tell what happens. In the meantime, enjoy some of Lee's junior year highlights from Hudl. It shows him playing both WR and QB. So, watch the whole video if you want to see him do play both positions. The guy is all over the field!

Welcome to Westwood, Dymond!

In related news, no sooner did Lee commit than Michael Pittman, the wide receiver from Oaks Christian, announced that he was decommitting from UCLA.

In a separate story on BruinReportOnline, David Woods suggests that Pittman has been heavily recruited of late by Oregon and doesn't seem surprised by this change.

Oh well....

Go Bruins!!!