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BOOM! #2 Kicker Molson Makes It Bruin Golden

JJ Molson, a placekicker and punter from Canada, committed to UCLA this morning.

UCLA has its kicker of the future. JJ Molson, the #2 kicker in North America according to Chris Sailer Kicking, has committed to playing for UCLA. In Molson's case, North America is the key word because he hails from Canada.

In addition to being one of the best placekickers on the continent, Molson is also ranked as the 25th best punter by Chris Sailer Kicking.

Molson tweeted out his commitment this morning.

For those who may not be aware, former Bruin kicker Chris Sailer has been coaching kicking since retiring from pro football. He has built up such a great reputation that many coaches will offer a scholarship to one of his pupils without even seeing the student-athlete kick.

Thankfully, in JJ Molson's case, we can see him kick. Here is a highlight reel from one of Chris Sailer's kicking camps.

We also have a highlight reel from last season which JJ posted to YouTube himself.

And, finally, for anyone who may still have any doubts, we have a video from JJ's Twitter account demonstrating how accurately he can kick.

It sure sounds like JJ Molson is the kicker we've been waiting to see the coaching staff bring on board for some time!

Welcome to Westwood, JJ!!

Go Bruins!!!