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3-star DB Chris Wilson Decommits 17 Days After Committing to UCLA Football

This certainly ranks as one of the strangest situations in recent memory and recruiting this year has been pretty strange.


Just eighteen days ago, three-star DB Chris Wilson of Hitchcock, Texas announced that he was committing to UCLA.

Well, it looks like in Wilson’s case, his word is only good until an option comes along that he thinks is better.

Yesterday afternoon, he sent out a tweet announcing that he is decommitting from UCLA.

Now, I’m not one to begrudge a high school kid who changes his mind. It happens and there are almost always good reasons for a high schooler to do so. But, never have I seen a kid burn his bridges so badly when announcing that he is rethinking is decision.

Now, I’m biased as are most of our readers. I happen to believe the UCLA is the greatest institution of higher learning in the nation. So, when a recruit writes a tweet like this, just weeks after committing to a school, it makes me think that something else happened.

In fact, it sounds to me like, perhaps, grades may be an issue here.

And, at the same time, I could be totally wrong.

It would be one thing to say that, due to increased interest, he’s decommitting in order to re-evaluate all his choices. It’s something else entirely to say he’s seeking "better options."

Now, in all likelihood, Bruin fans will forget about him quicker than you can say "better options" but it will certainly be interesting to see what those so-called "better options" are. Are Nick Saban or Urban Meyer suddenly beating down the kid’s door? Or, does he wind up at a Big 12 also-ran?

If he’s now being recruited by another powerhouse like Alabama, Ohio State or even Texas, good for him. We wish him luck in finding what will work best for him. But, if he ends up at a university that’s academically inferior to UCLA, I think we’ll know what happened.

Go Bruins.