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UCLA Football Decommit List Grows to Five in a Week

The Bruins 2018 draft class is collapsing faster than a bad souffle.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Utah
If Jim Mora is keeping track of Bruin recruits who have decommitted, he’s going to need a bigger list.
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

As if UCLA Football doesn’t have enough problems, the Bruins’ 2018 draft class has certainly become another one for Jim Mora as two more recruits decommitted from UCLA over the weekend.

That brings the total of decommits to five, which is more than 20% of the recruiting class, since last Monday.

The latest two recruits to decommit are Kendrick Torain and Blake McDonald.

Both recruits announced their decisions on Twitter.

As usual, there were no reasons offered for the decisions. And, of course, it could be academic or a change of heart or something else altogether.

But, when there is a large cluster like this, it can only leave Bruin fans wondering what is going on with UCLA Football recruiting.

And, when put together with everything else that’s going on in the program, it just gives Bruin fans yet another reason beyond just the losing to want Jim Mora gone.

Go Bruins.