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Fox 11: LaVar Ball Says His Sons Won’t Follow Steve Alford to Indiana

The father of Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball told Fox 11 in Los Angeles that his boys would not follow Steve Alford to Indiana if Alford takes the Hoosiers’ job.

NCAA Basketball: Washington State at UCLA
Lonzo Ball and his dad LaVar
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

LaVar Ball was interviewed by Fox 11 sportscaster Liz Habib today before UCLA played Cincinnati in the 2017 NCAA Tournament.

The conversation turned to the rumors that Steve Alford is planning to leave UCLA to become the head coach at Indiana. Habib asked:

What if Alford leaves and goes to Indiana? What if he leaves UCLA? Are your boys going to go with him?

To which LaVar responded:

Oh, no. We’re gonna stay in LA. We’re not going to no Indiana. My boys ain’t no Indiana boys. We’re going to stay here in LA.

Habib followed up by asking, “Does it matter who the coach is at UCLA?”

LaVar offered this as a response:

No, it doesn’t matter. We’re just gonna play. My boys are gonna do what they do and it’s just what it is.

By saying this, LaVar was able to address the concerns of Bruin fans who might be concerned what would happen if Alford leaves, but, at the same time, he also effectively took any credit for recruiting Lonzo away from Alford by saying it doesn’t matter who the coach at UCLA is.

At least, now, everyone knows that there are at least two Bruin recruits who won’t consider going elsewhere is Alford should leave.

Here’s the video of the full interview of the Fox 11 interview.

Go Bruins!