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Re-BOOM?! RB AJ Carter Flips Back to UCLA from LSU

A few days after decommitting from UCLA in favor of LSU, Carter has re-committed to the Bruins.


For kids coming out of high school, making their college decision is probably the biggest decision they’ve made in their lives at least up to that point. So, it’s understandable that some kids decide to change their minds after initially making a decision.

But, once they’ve changed mind, it’s usually rare to see them change it back.

Well, that’s exactly what AJ Carter did yesterday.

Carter had originally committed to the Bruins back in late April, but, last week, after receiving an offer from Ed Orgeron and LSU, Carter decommitted and opted for the Tigers.

Well, yesterday, Carter decommitted from LSU and flipped back to the Bruins.

It’s nice to see a young man realize that he made a decision for the wrong reasons and that he knew where his heart told him he wants to be.

Of course, it’s even better knowing that it told him he wants to be in Westwood helping to get UCLA back to the Rose Bowl!

Welcome back to Westwood, AJ!

Go Bruins!!!