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UCLA Football Recruit Dorian Thompson-Robinson Will Grow From First Loss

Bishop Gorman’s 55-game winning streak comes to an end.


UCLA’s 2018 recruit, Dorian Thompson-Robinson experienced two firsts yesterday. He experienced his first loss as a varsity football player and his first loss as a starting quarterback as the No. 2 ranked Bishop Gorman Gaels were taken down by the top-ranked Mater Dei Monarchs 35-21.

The loss by the Gaels ended their 55-game winning streak and put a severe dent in their chances of claiming another mythical high school national championship. Despite the loss, anybody that watched the game or the highlights saw two talented teams with multiple players that will definitely have a huge impact on the collegiate scene in the future. Dorian Thompson-Robinson will definitely be one of them and Bruins Nation will be lucky enough to be the ones watching him on Saturdays.

While he didn’t have the best game, there is so much to like about the way DTR plays the game. I want to highlight a few things from last night’s game.

DTR completed 15 of 37 pass attempts for 344 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. He also rushed for 44 yards on 14 attempts. His completion percentage dropped this week to 41% and his QB rating this week was 72.8.

His two interceptions came in different situations. The first interception was just a bad throw and an easy pick for Monarchs cornerback Darion Green, who returned the interception for a third quarter touchdown that gave the Monarchs a 28-7 lead. The second interception came from Stephon Robins. This interception occurred during the fourth quarter and occurred as DTR was hit while throwing off his back foot. He was just trying to make something happen late in the game with this throw.

Now, the positives. DTR’s athletic ability is unreal. One observation that is clear in two games, big and physical defensive lines have caused problems for Bishop Gorman. Granted, both games were against top level programs, but it has been a problem early. In yesterday’s match-up, DTR was running for his life on multiple occasions against the Monarchs. However, it was in one of those times of pressure and duress that DTR showed one of those plays that makes you know that his athletic skill set is elite.

The play occurred on the Gaels’ possession immediately after the first interception that gave the Monarchs the 28-7 lead. Bishop Gorman was on their own 20 and DTR was in the shotgun. As was the case for much of the night, DTR was under immediate duress. He scrambled right, avoided one rusher, sidestepped another rusher and scrambled back towards the line of scrimmage and released on the run, semi-across his body, a strike to Jimmy Telles. This play is highlighted at the 8:25 mark of the highlight video below.

Another play that stood out to me had nothing to do with the playbook or athletic ability. It’s a play of heart, hustle and leadership. Take a look at the 2:37 mark of the highlight video. It’s the kind of play I want to see a player make, especially your leader, and the team will see it in film study.

It occurred in the first quarter with the score 0-0. Bishop Gorman was at midfield, and DTR took the snap in the shotgun and pitched left to Amod Cianelli. Cianelli took the pitch and headed outside.Thompson-Robinson was hot on his heels and laid a block on a Monarch defender to help spring a big run by Cianelli. That type of play is not expected, nor probably wanted from a star quarterback, but it exemplifies to me what he’s about, which is doing anything to help his team win. His tweet confirms what his play on the field showed with this play.

The road for DTR and the Gaels doesn’t get any easier. Next week, they return home to play undefeated Central of Miami, Florida. Again, we will all have an opportunity to watch this game as it is scheduled to be televised on ESPNU. The last game of the brutal four game streak will end with Bishop Gorman taking on the De La Salle Spartans, who had an impressive come from behind victory over St Johns of Washington D.C. 35-31. All of these difficult games will only prepare DTR more for his next steps both this year and in the future.

Good luck, Dorian!

Go Bruins!