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UCLA Football Recruiting: Bruins Land 4-Star OL Sean Rhyan

One of the top offensive lineman in the country will come to Westwood from San Juan Hills HS in San Juan Capistrano.

Sean Rhyan (r) committed to UCLA football’s 2019 recruiting class tonight.
@seanrhyan on Instagram

It’s been a while since UCLA Bruins football had anyone commit to the 2019 recruiting class.

Well, the drought is over and it’s over in a big way. That’s because Chip Kelly and Justin Frye have landed 4-star offensive lineman Sean Rhyan from San Juan Hills HS in San Juan Capistrano. According to a report from Brandon Huffman on BruinReportOnline, Rhyan made his announcement on Instagram because he doesn’t have a Twitter account. While it appears that the Instagram post may have been removed, Rhyan’s commitment was confirmed on Twitter by the San Juan Hills HS Football Twitter account.

According to Rhyan’s profile, he is 6’ 5” tall, weighs in at 300 pounds, can squat 500 lbs., and can bench press 340 lbs. He is definitely a big guy and his highlights show the kind of guy the Bruins are getting with Rhyan.

Here are his highlights from San Juan Hills’ game this year against Laguna Hills. At roughly the 15-second mark, Rhyan delivers a heck of a hit on one of his opponents and he seems to do that consistently against Laguna Hills.

After watching some of Rhyan’s videos, I think the thing that sticks out to me is how he seems to play until the whistle. Typically, that means that he will either bury one of his opponents into the ground or, in some cases, he’ll just keep finding other guys to hit as the play progresses.

The latter is on display against Laguna Niguel at the 35-second mark. On that particular play, Rhyan attempts to block no fewer than four defenders including three guys that are well downfield.

Obviously, he’ll face tougher talent in the Pac-12, but Rhyan give Frye and Kelly a giant building block for future Bruin offensive lines.

Welcome to Westwood, Sean!

Go Bruins!!!