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UCLA Football Recruiting: 3-Star OL Beau Taylor Commits to the Bruins

The Bishop Gorman offensive lineman will be reunited with his high school quarterback next season in Westwood.


This fall, former Bishop Gorman quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson will hope to be UCLA’s new starting quarterback.

Next year, Thompson-Robinson will reunite with one of his Bishop Gorman linemen when Beau Taylor joins him in Westwood. Taylor chose UCLA over 14 other schools.

Yes, that’s right! The UCLA Bruins have added an offensive lineman to the 2019 recruiting class!

That’s because, this evening, Taylor announced that he has committed to the Bruins.

Blair Angulo of 247Sports has an excellent article about Taylor’s commitment. One of the things Taylor explained to Angulo was the timing of his announcement. Taylor told Angulo:

I actually committed to the coaches last week and I just wanted to make sure that I was doing things the right way, so I reached out to every school that had offered me and let the coaches know I had made a decision.

That statement alone says a lot about Taylor’s character.

Taylor also spoke about the new UCLA coaching staff:

I already know the future for UCLA is great, especially with coach Chip Kelly coming in. In the little bit of time I have known coach Justin Frye, I feel like we already have a great relationship. I’m real excited to get to work with him more. I worked with him at camp and really enjoyed getting to learn from him. It’s going to be an easy transition heading into college.

Taylor also spoke about his desire to strategically take his official visit to UCLA in December in order to help recruit more guys to UCLA as well. It’s hard not to love a kid who thinks ahead like that!

According to his profile, Taylor is 6’5” tall and already weighs 290 pounds. Here are his junior year highlights.

After watching that video, it seems clear that Taylor is an excellent high school lineman with the potential to become an excellent college lineman. I’m sure Dorian Thompson-Robinson will sleep well at night knowing that Taylor will be blocking for him again in the future.

The video does, however, raise one big question for me. Just how many uniforms combinations does Bishop Gorman have? It seemed like there were at least four or five in just four and a half minutes of tape. It’s almost like they are the Oregon Ducks of high school football.

If that’s the case, then with former Ducks head coach Chip Kelly now coaching UCLA, Taylor seems like a good fit.

Welcome to Westwood, Beau!

Go Bruins!!!