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UCLA Bruins down to Southern Cal Trogans, 14-20. Second-Half Thread.

Battle for LA: Southern Cal up 20-14 on the Bruins at halftime.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Listen to the game live with the U.C.L.A. announcers Bill Roth, Matt, Stevens, and Wayne Cook using the TuneIn app below:

First Quarter.

With the exception of one 12 play, 59 yard drive for a field goal by Southern Cal, the U.C.L.A. defense holds Southern Cal to three 3 and outs in the first quarter. The Bruins had nice field position on most of their drives yet they also were forced to punt three times. However, U.C.L.A. did manage to score a touchdown on the strength of Paul Perkins legs and the Bruins are up 7-3 at the end of the first quarter.

This wont surprise regular BN readers, but Noel Mazzone goes super conservative after scoring a touchdown with three straight runs up the middle. Not surprisingly, the Bruins punt. Of course, Southern Cal is perked up from this and start delivering some big plays.

Second Quarter.

Southern Cal starts the 2nd quarter near midfield and quickly run for a first down to the 50. With the running game working for Southern Cal, Kessler gets plenty of time to throw deep to Juju Smith-Schuster for 34 yards to the Bruins 12 yard line. Southern Cal needs to burn a time out on 4th and 1 from the UCLA 3 yard line. Tre Madden picks up 2 yards after the time out to give Southern Cal a first and goal from the 1 yard line. Kessler runs it in for a touchdown, Southern Cal leads again 10-7. The drive only took 3:53 of game clock but it was 10 plays for 85 yards.

Keep an eye on Kenny Clark as he came out injured during the Southern Cal touchdown drive.

UCLA answers with its own scoring drive. It took 8 plays to move the ball 76 yards but only 2:15 off the game clock. The drive started with a Perkins run up the middle for 2 yard loss (sound familiar?). Then Rosen to Duarte connection surfaces for 27 yards to bring the ball up to midfield. Rosen overthrows Duarte on 2nd down then hits Payton for 17 yards for a first down. Perkins makes his usual WOW play where he turns a tackle for a loss into a big gain. This time Perkins moves the ball 10 yards to keep the chains moving after being hit at the line of scrimmage. A hard, important run by Perkins. Of course, the SPTRs get confused and need to check replay. Just another day in the Pac12.

Rosen doesn't need much time as he goes to Duarte for a touchdown! Duarte was well covered (borderline PI?) but he's too strong to be denied the ball :) Bruins up again, 14-10.

Keep an eye on Kenny Lacy as the OL came out injured during the UCLA touchdown drive.

Clock management might be an issue as the Trogans are winning the TOP. We are scoring too quickly and have too many 3 and outs.

Southern Cal answers with a 15 play, 76 yard drive which eats 7 minutes off the clock. Luckily, Kenny Clark was back out there so he appears to be ok. The Trogans convert easily on 4th and short with 18 yards. Kenny Clark saves a touchdown as he tackles their running back on a screen to hold Southern Cal to another field goal. Bruins lead diminishes to 14-13.

With Southern Cal taking over the momentum UCLA starts to play very poorly.

UCLA goes 3 and out with two incompletions and a sack on Rosen. The OL is not playing well after injuries to Kenny Lacy. Forced to punt out of our own endzone, Mengle's punt goes right to Adore Jackson who easily runs it in for 42 yards and a touchdown. Southern Cal regains the lead and firmly takes a hold of the momentum up 20-14.

UCLA desperately needs to move the chains and look competent on offense but stalls once again. After a 3 yard run by Starks on first down, Rosen throws two incompletions (and one near interception). Another punt.

Southern Cal keeps moving the ball easily after a few first down, the defense steps up big as Goforth makes a hard hit on Juju Smith-Schuster on third down forcing the incompletion. Finally, Southern Cal punts the ball.

However, UCLA gets the ball back with only 16 seconds left in the half. Some conservative play calling does nothing with the time and UCLA limps into the locker for halftime.

Some Thoughts.

The Bruins are by no means out of the game down only 6 points, however, the offense needs to score more touchdowns and the defense needs to hold Souther Cal to more field goals. I don't mind bend-buy-don't break defense (ie holding them to field goals) but that's only if the offense is scoring touchdowns quickly.

This is the battle for LA! Let's keep the streak alive Bruins!

Go Bruins!!! Beat SC!!! We Own This Town!