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UCLA's Official Video Preview of Bruins Matchup Against Arizona St Sun Devils

Official video preview of the Arizona State game with comments from key Bruins including Brett Hundley and Anthony Barr.

Big game later today (it's already Saturday on the East Coast).

If you don't want to think about the basketball team, take in the official video preview of the football game with comments from Brett Hundley, Shaq Evans, Anthony Barr, and Brandon Sermons. It will be the last "home" game for Barr, Sermons and Evans.

Who knows if the Bruins finish out the regular season with a 3 game winning streak and then get a W against Ohio State (most likely representative of the Big-10) in the Rose Bowl, Saturday could be the last regular season home game for number 17 as well. Ok, we won't think that far ahead. Let's hope the Bruins get it done today.