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UCLA Gets a Memorable "Go Bruins" Shout Out at the 2013 Academy Awards

Quick clip of the memorable "Go Bruins" moment from the 2013 Academy Awards.

Here is the video for those who missed it. HTs to Bruin Bro for flagging the moment in the Fanpost section and daggy for finding it. As LABruin noted the winner was Tatenda Mbudzi – UCLA (CA) – Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe, who was one of the winners Of "Oscar® Experience College Search."

And the gentleman giving the shout out was none other than Hawk Koch who is the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. I am not sure whether Koch is an alum and but he is certainly an integral member of the UCLA's film and television school community as he has been honored number of times in Westwood. I am guessing Hawk was feeling good about the Bruins' thorough destruction of the Trojans earlier in the day.

Cool stuff all around. Congrats to Tatenda. Great moment for the UCLA family.