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Pac-12 Releases Web Ad for Bruin Fans: Drop Direct TV

Pac-12 releases web ad for Bruin fans with a message to drop Direct TV.

Late last month we flagged Larry Scott's comments for all UCLA and Pac-12 fans which conveyed a simple message: drop Direct TV if you are interested in watching our Bruins on Pac-12 Network.

Well looks like the Pac-12 following up on that threat in a real way by releasing the ad above. Not sure how everyone feels about it but I love the way Scott and Pac-12 are dealing with Direct TV.

Here is the Pac-12 site which walks you through the process of dropping DirectTV. I know. I know. You don't want to watch Steve Alford and the terrible basketball play in this conference in general. But IMO getting all the football games are certainly worth it. Plus, it will also be worth it to listen to what Bill Walton has to say about Alford on TV.