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WATCH: Brett & Paris Hundley - The Powerful Story of a Bruin Family

UCLA's superstar QB - Brett Hundley - shares deeply personal, powerful and emotional family story with his sister Paris Hundley.


Many thanks to mexeastla and KSBruin for flagging this video. Forget our football program here for second. If you love UCLA, I strongly urge you to watch this piece from start to finish.

The season is young and collectively we have already gone through some intense emotional experiences. But watching this story in such raw manner will get to you. It certainly got to me.

What Brett, Paris and the Hundley did here by coming out so publicly this story is beyond brave. It is inspiring and I really hope the entire Bruin family rally around them.

I am certainly going to watch number 17 from a whole another perspective here on out. If he plays it right he could be in position to leave Westwood as the greatest ever to play this position. But watching this story will put all that stuff in the back burner and make you prouder than ever re. what it means to be a Bruin.