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WATCH: At Least One Prominent UCLA Coach Takes a Stand Against Sexual Assault

If Steve Alford is really sorry for his actions at Iowa, why didn't he join Coach Mora in a video raising awareness about sexual assault at UCLA?

We've already seen Coach Jim Mora expose Coach Steve Alford on the issue of sexual assault once.

Well now, we have a new video which should have featured Mr. Ten Years Before I Offer a "Sincere" Apology front and center.

It was put together by CARE at CAPS.

If you guessed that the video prominently featured Coach Jim Mora and didn't have Mr. Ten Year "Apology" in it, you guessed correctly.

Nowhere. Not one second.

Which one is a true leader of men? I don't have to answer that for you. You already know the answer. It's Coach Jim Mora. That's who!

This only further highlights just how bad the Alford hire truly was. If I were the AD and actually made the hire that Dan made, which got me called into a meeting with the Chancellor and the head of the Academic Senate, I would have laid down the law to my new coach by telling him to do something to make his apology look real.

Appearing in this video would have been a step in the right direction.

Instead, Mr. "Clean Slate" is nowhere to be found.

It's just another in a long list of leadership failures by Dan Guerrero. Pathetic.