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UCLA Student Athletes Bask In Graduation Glow

The Atheletic Department held their athlete's graduation ceremony at Pauley Pavillion last night. Ralph Irvin interviews Anthony Barr and more.

UCLA had its annual athlete's graduation ceremony at Pauley Pavillion. Ralph Irvin interviews some of our favorite athletes like Anthony Barr, Jordan Zumwalt and Shaq Evans from the football team. Apparently, many of the athletes got to speak in front of their student athlete colleagues, coaches and parents and their was a video show that included pictures of the athletes when they were just wee children. This has all the trappings of a tear jerker!

I love seeing some of the top athletes stay for four years and getting that sheepskin. Good luck to all our great Bruin athlete graduates whether in it's in a professional career, or any other endeavor they choose to pursue. Go Bruins!