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UCLA Coach Mora Calls Lack of Holding Calls "Unprecedented"

While Mora was commenting on the fact that UCLA's Pac-12 opponents have only been called for holding three times in seven games, Noel Mazzone was proving why he really needs to be replaced.


Following last night's loss to Washington State, the coaches and several players met with the media as usual. I think you can tell how deflated everyone was by the fact that all of the videos are rather short.

Thanks to Ed Lewis of the Bruins Sports Report for sharing all of these videos.

First up, we have UCLA Coach Jim Mora. Mora's most interesting comment is about how, in seven Pac-12 games so far this year, UCLA's opponents have only been called for holding three times.

During the game, Mora got pretty upset, and rightfully so, at the lack of a holding call on one of Luke Falk's touchdown passes. The evidence is pretty damning.

Next up is Noel Mazzone. If ever there was a game which proved that Mazzone needs to be replaced this game was it. His inability to call plays which got our offense into the end zone from the 2-yard line is as inexplainable as the officiating. Unless you are Noel Mazzone who started off his postgame interview by saying, "Yeah, we gotta score in the red zone...touchdowns, not field goals." What a freaking genius.

He also offered this gem:

Our kids have got to have more discipline and understand that's not our snap count.

Unfortunately, no one bothered asking the obvious follow-up question "Whose responsibility is it to instill more discipline in them?"

Here's another Mazzone gem:

We've got to get touchdowns, especially against a team like that. We can't settle for field goals.

Well, Noel, who made the decision to kick the field goals instead of going for it on fourth down? Was that you or Jim?

Tom Bradley was asked about the performance of the officiating and about the defense in general.

Josh Rosen sounded very disappointed by the loss. He spoke about how the offense wasn't able to get into the end zone enough last night.

Paul Perkins spoke about Rosen's touchdown run and how penalties have held the team back.

Last but not least, Jordan Payton spoke about how UCLA still controls their own destiny after he saw that Utah had also lost.

Thanks again to Ed Lewis of the Bruins Sports Report for sharing all of these videos.

Go Bruins!!!